From the Director of EduEval, Sonia Ben Jaafar

I was inspired to found EduEval in the UAE because of my fascination with the region’s development and drive. After living in the MENA region for over 6 years, and consulting internationally, I decided this was the place to start EduEval Educational Services.

There is so much excitement and imagination when it comes to education in the MENA region. Policymakers, NGOs, school operators, principals and teachers are drawing from their experience from around the globe and trying to apply solutions here. At the same time, there are calls for home-grown solutions. In this push/pull of importing solutions, adapting solutions, and growing solutions, there is always a deep concern for student learning and achievement, and … for profit and economic development.

Why I decided to dedicate more of my professional attention to this region?

I have yet to travel to a place where all of the different conceptions, theories, and applications of education coexist in practice. The mix is not only about different ways of providing education, which can get a little tangled – it is about the different ways in which visions of the future are interacting and being negotiated across cultures to construct a shared vision that has a more global flavour. A vision that resonates both globally and locally, and is practical for today’s 21st century learner _ and beyond.

Being a part of this process is exciting, calls for real collaboration and talent, and pushes us all to innovate for education systems that meet the needs of all learners. That is really just motivating!


3 thoughts on “From the Director of EduEval, Sonia Ben Jaafar

  1. Just read your post about why you started EduEval and just wanted to say thank you (Shukran) and to wish you well in promoting and working with others in your region.
    Best Regards, Vernon, Money ART Twitter: MoneyART

  2. Kindly state the way in which, if like-minded people want to join in with you and to contribute their skills to the vision stated above.

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