From Sydney to Dubai… non-government funded private schools are in the press and on the minds of parents.

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Being in the education policy sector of an administration looking after the highest proportion of non-government funded private schools anywhere in the world, this question plagues my mind. And so reading this article recently from the Sydney Morning Herald on the worth of private education sparked my interest for a number of reasons.

Firstly, consider the sums of money spent on exclusive private schools for a student in Sydney; around 25 t0 30,000 dollars or about 100,000 dirhams.

Secondly, it’s the reasons why parents choose to send their kids to private schools and it’s similar anywhere in the world.  It’s so that their son or daughter is around kids of a similar or better socio-economic status and who they feel that they want to be with and away from the riff-raff.  Like this quote “a good school for my child is one where minorities are in the minority”.  It’s also…

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